What we do

Wealth Purpose

– making sure that families feel confident and in control of their destiny –

“Happiness is meeting or exceeding expectations”. This has become our mantra at Owl.

The starting point to the problem solving journey we undertake with our clients is working with them to understand the wealth they have and its purpose: “What’s it for?”. We believe that understanding what they hope to achieve is the key to not feeling burdened by wealth. We help answer the following questions: What is the human purpose? Which investments are likely to achieve this purpose? Within what timescale? Sometimes the answers are clear from the outset, other times less so. Formalising answers ensures that expectations are clear and success can be measured.

Having understood the purpose, Owl works with clients to review and understand: Who owns the assets? Who controls the assets? Who oversees the assets? Having the right system of governance and control is a key part of ensuring that good decision making and success can be measured.

Finally, we help in setting out the information in an investment charter, often referred to as an Investment Policy Statement (IPS). This acts as a reminder of the parameters and expectations that have been set.

Wealth Diagnostic

– ensuring that investments are aligned with objectives –

The next step is a wealth diagnostic. Do the investments align with the wealth purpose? Are there other areas of concern? Questions often asked are, ‘How do I know if I am choosing the right managers?’, ‘I am concerned that my portfolio is too risky’, ‘How do I know if I am getting value for money?’, ‘How do I know if my ethical investment requirements are being respected?, ‘I am UK resident, non domiciled; how do I know that my wealth is structured correctly and my portfolio is appropriately invested?’.

The partners of Owl have a breadth of experience which spans banking, wealth management, law and tax. This ensures that we can evaluate the broad range of our clients’ concerns, rather focussing solely on their investment considerations. We believe that this approach is most likely to result in solutions that our clients feel confident in and comfortable with.

Wealth Manager Search

– research insight to enable clients to feel confident in their decisions –

We draw upon our understanding of our clients’ circumstances and priorities when evaluating solutions for them. We research both financial and non-financial factors, which takes into consideration a mix of tangible and intangible factors. We draw on our own intelligence as well as sourcing information from independent research databases and evaluate up to 90 managers with both domestic and international capabilities, diverse investment approaches, differing styles and investment structures.


Once clients have decided how to invest and with whom, we assist with the negotiation of investment agreements and ensure that the implementation runs smoothly. Clients value having a professional on their side-of-the-table to explain, coordinate and implement efficiently.

Owl have a strong track record of negotiating favourable terms for our clients.

Health Check

– reassuring clients that their investments are on track –

We are often retained by clients to provide a regular financial health check. We conduct an impartial review of a client’s wealth management arrangements and address concerns such as ‘how do I know whether my investments are performing well?’ and ‘can you help me understand the risks I am taking with my investments?’. We review the performance of their portfolios, the investment strategy being followed, as well as the risks being taken and costs incurred. We work with the best data analysis services in the industry to provide market leading consolidated reporting. Finally, we analyse whether there are any areas of particular concern and make recommendations if changes need to be made.

Special Projects

– troubleshooting for clients, sometimes you need an Owl on your side –

We are often approached to help with a specific project or solve a particular problem. Projects draw on our broad knowledgebase, ranging from conducting an ESG audit, to working with their divorce lawyers to review asset structures and valuations, to finding a new CEO for an investment office. As investment professionals, trustees, non-executive directors, and parents, we enjoy solving complex problems. If you think we could help solve a problem for you, please get in touch using the contact us page.

How We Charge

At Owl we believe that pricing should be clear, transparent, and should not be based on the value of your assets but rather on the complexity of the task. We agree a fee in advance. Complete clarity and no surprises are our watchwords.

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